Suphan Buri

Suphan Buri is mainly a stop on the way to Northern Thaïland and you can quickly see why: the town is important but there isn’t so much about it. Green and lovely surroundings aren’t really enough to attract tourism but the Dragon Descendants Museum… Well that’s something else!

While arriving in town we were surprised by that strange sight… As used as you can be to temples in Thaïland, a huge dragon in the middle of town is… well… surprising! Suphan Buri being a stop for the night we decided to go and take photos of that strange sight. Well surprise: the dragon turned out to be a museum about Chinese that immigrated in Thaïland. And around this museum? An entire village open to tourism.

We took photos of this strange sight and can only recommend you to go and have a look at this place! It’s honestly worth a stop! Don’t believe me? Here are 10 photos to show you the “Chinese Disneyland” of Suphan Buri.

IMG_2190 copy
IMG_2182 copy

IMG_2171 copy


IMG_2198 copy

IMG_2183 copy

IMG_2205 copy
IMG_2189 copy

IMG_2185 copy

IMG_2195 copy


A huge dragon, a museum, a couple of temples, bells and a mix of Chinese traditions mixed with alleys of shops, Amazon coffee in what should look like an alley of a traditional village, strange isn’t it? This place seems to have a huge success with local tourism so why not go too? 2 hours North of Bangkok, it can be a fun day trip!


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