Sukhothai, if you know a bit about Thailand’s history then you know about the old city and the numerous temple that surrounds it.

Golden leaves, buddha’s figures, ruins and temples, this is mainly what can be seen in this little town. The parc is charming, the new town too modern and the surrounding beautifully green due to the high agriculture going on in the area.

It is hard to submit pictures without only focusing on the temples but you will get a bit of everything in this pick of 18 photos. Temples, buddha, flowers, people, a bit of the mix of the beauty of Sukhothai. So travel with us to this ancient town!


IMG_2282 copy

IMG_2416 copy

IMG_2331 copy

IMG_2367 copy

IMG_2237 copy

IMG_2388 copy

IMG_2405 copy

IMG_2439 copy

IMG_2285 copy

IMG_2336 logo copy

IMG_2354 copy

IMG_2248 copy

IMG_2387 copy

IMG_2326 copy

IMG_2362 copy

IMG_2284 copy

IMG_2433 copy

IMG_2302 copy



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