You probably heard of Kanchanaburi before for a couple of reasons and awful stories: the bridge over the river Kwai (actually called Kwae) and the terrible story of the railway and the Hellfire pass.

The town and surrounding though are beautiful and the nature and wildlife are another great aspect of this area. It is clearly hard to ignore the past but this town is clearly trying to commemorate its history and celebrate the beauty of the place.

Here is a selection of 12 pictures of this town that bring a strange feeling to its visitors.

IMG_2069 copy

IMG_2065 copy

IMG_2087 copy

IMG_2063 copy

IMG_2105 copy

IMG_2143 copy

IMG_2142 copy

IMG_2089 copy

IMG_2122 copy

IMG_2147 copy

IMG_2150 copy

IMG_2078 copy


7 responses to “Kanchanaburi

  1. You give a good impression off this sad but beautiful and interesting place. Hellfire pass had a hugh impact on me. I could here the warprisoners when we walked through the area. And the Erawan waterfall is just amazing. Did you climb all to the top?

    • Thank you!
      The hellfire pass is something, like you I couldn’t stop thinking and imagining people in this hell, it’s a very hard place.

      For the waterfall no we’ve been lazy and stopped at the 5th level. Have you gone all the way up?

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