Chanthaburi is known for its gem market during the week-ends where buyers from around Asia meet in the street and trade. But there is a beautiful feeling that emerge from this town. Incredibly relaxing, during the week the town has got a slow pace and the surroundings are full of activities. Feed fish near a waterfall, join the schooltrips going to meet river dolphins that have been rescued, go 30km for a trip to the beach… It’s a place where you can easily see yourself stay for a bit.

Here, with 10 photos, we will give you a tiny feeling of a nice town South East of Bangkok.

IMG_1592 copy

IMG_1590 copy 3

IMG_1593 copy

IMG_1607 copy

IMG_1668 copy 3

IMG_1735 copy

IMG_1672 copy

IMG_1650 copy

IMG_1714 copy

IMG_1619 copy


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