Siem Reap

I’ll admit it: it is a bit wrong to call this post “Siem Reap” as it mostly concern Angkor (well, only). After couple of days in the area it was time to share with you a selection of 20 pictures of Angkor and the numerous temples that are around including Ta Phrom, Bayon and others.

As you will see I have a certain fascination for those trees and roots that are taking over all those constructions old of many many centuries. Angkor deserve its fame. Big, Impressive and still a bit of a mistery it transports you and makes you feel like an adventurer walking amongst history.

IMG_1343 copy

IMG_1172 copy

IMG_1285 copy

IMG_1560 copy

IMG_1266 copy

IMG_1579 copy

IMG_1527 copy

IMG_1141 copy

IMG_1441 copy

IMG_1571 copy

IMG_1459 copy

IMG_1524 copy

IMG_1567 copy

IMG_1308 copy

IMG_1562 copy

IMG_1396 copy

IMG_1359 copy

IMG_1397 copy

IMG_1188 copy

IMG_1339 copy


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