About us

1453360_10151956020941170_324553707_n Who are we?

We are Robb & Marie-Carmen, the      members of the Orient Excess.

We met in Bangkok while we were both    travelling solo and our adventure in  Burma  turned out in a love story.

After moving back in Europe to be  together,  we decided that living there was  not our thing  and that we needed to go  back to what we  loved: Travel.

2 years of hard work in Europe and after  selling all that we owned, we moved on,  bought a one way ticket to Ho Chi Minh  City, bought a motorbike and started our adventure. We are planning in touring Asia at our own speed (slowly) and, hopefully, we’ll get to South America one day.

Who is the one posting? Marie-Carmen. I am the French girl that will be posting on this blog. So I am sorry if my English is not always perfect. But Mister Bob is too lazy to do some blogging. I will post his articles once in a while though, those one should be fine! On my side, I will post some pictures, because that’s what I enjoy the most.

I’ve been travelling since I was 4 with my parents, backpacking in some Asian and North African countries. Since then travel has been one of my biggest passion.

Who is the one having a nap while I’m posting? Robb, the English one. While he’s not holding a beer, he is probably swimming around or having a nap or, again, taking me on some crazy trip.

Robb took the decision to start travelling 3 years ago. He left for a one year travel around the world and after a while in India and Nepal, met me and went in Burma. He will write one a week an article about our travel that I will post for you guys.


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