Chiang Mai – Songkran 2014


You guys might know already : From the 13th of April up to the 15th the Thaïs celebrate the end of the year and beginning of the new one.

IMG_2966 copy

While the festival is observed all throughout Thailand, the North and Chiang Mai in particular seems to do it in big proportion !

People mainly know about the throwing of water, there are a couple more traditions that come with Songkran : some people bring sand to their nearby monastery which will be shaped into stupas and decorated with flags, others bathe buddha images or paint one another with chalk as a type of blessing.

IMG_3050 copyIf the throwing of water used to be a blessing and a way to pay respect to people, it is now more of a fun way to escape the heat and enjoy a giant water fight in the streets. And everybody gets involed, from young children to their elderly Grandparents, many brandishing brightly coloured water cannons, and others resorting to more old fashioned (but no less effective) implements such as buckets and pans. But no matter what weapon you bring to the fight, there’s an absolute certainty that you’ll be going home soaked. If you are hoping to pass the center of Chiang Mai during those 3 days without getting splashed well… surely you are going to get a bad surprise. So come and leave the bad being washed away from you ! Join the fun and enjoy this buddhist celebration !

We left for the old town center on our motorcycle around the moat, where most of the action takes place, camera protected with some plastic and duck tape (DIY for the win, it did survive buckets of water!), ready for some action. Here is a gallery of shots taken during Songkran on the 1st day of this celebration, the 13th of April 2014, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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songkran 2014

woman songkran

songkran water

songkran tourist

songkran kid


16 responses to “Chiang Mai – Songkran 2014

  1. That looks like soooo much fun!! I am sure you enjoyed it and had an absolute blast. I would love to attend it!! You definitely captured some memorable moments of the festival through your photos!

  2. Looks like fun! I absoluletly love this tradition. Oddly enough in a week same thing will happen in Poland. Easter Monday is the day when Polish people have so many water fights that media often call for moderation. 🙂

  3. Haha this looks fun! Well, many traditions over time get turned into something else and at least this one does not involve getting blasted in the middle of the street hehe. You got some great photos!

  4. Great shots! I was always too afraid to bring my camera out in the water fight, haha! I am soooo jealous as well, after spending 2 Songkrans in Thailand, I’m really missing it this year! Sawadee pi mai!

  5. So excited about doing this next year! Great photos and I’ll have to waterproof my camera like you did too – good job! 🙂

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