[Places you should not miss] Reaching Out

We don’t do many “where to go” or “recommandations” post but after this discovery we couldn’t keep it to ourself. If you’ve been to Hoi An you probably already know about it, if you haven’t, well, that might decide you to come to this lovely town.

The place is called “Reaching Out” and owns 2 places in town: a shop and a tea house.

We will mainly talk about the tea house since, in our situation, we can’t really buy anything from a shop.

Reaching Out Tea House

Located in the Old Town of Hoi An this tea house is very special, it is a part of a social enterprise and makes you feel in a really authentic Hoi An. The atmosphere is peaceful and everything about it is beautiful, traditional and somehow makes you feel at home.

The servers at Reaching Out Teahouse are all speech and hearing impaired. You will, then, have to pass your order through a sheet where you will indicate your selection.


A nice cold tea is served on arrival.


To help you communicate with the waitress little notes are put on the table

Tea and coffees are all fairtrade and the quality is absolutely amazing (Robb had an ice coffee that came in a beautiful setting as you can see from the 2 pictures below: The hot arabica was brought in a very Vietnamese setting and when it was finally passed in the cup the lovely waitress brought him some ice made out of coffee to not water down his drink)

There is not much choices but it is more than enough. Couple of teas, coffees and 2 fresh juices are a perfect selection.


Fairtrade Arabica coffee Vietnamese style.


The ice for the coffee is made with the said coffee to not dilute the taste.


Fair Trade Jasmine tea

All the tableware you can see there is made in an “Imperial Hue Style” by the artisan they hire in their shop. So if you have the possibility you can buy some beautiful things there!

But the teas, the coffee, the surroundings, the people surrounding you are not all (even if it’s already quite enough to make you want to come here and stay forever)… There is also the lovely sweets they offer!

Chocolate cookies, coconut cookies and many others, they all change according to the time of year but I couldn’t avoid trying the Green tea coconut (picture below). Yes it looks strange, taste a bit… well… weird but it is not very far from the taste of Macha and is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss if it’s available when you are around.


Green tea and coconut make a strange but great mix.


Brought as a gift: a lovely ginger cake.

So if you come around Hoi An you will have to give Reaching Out Teahouse a try. I have never felt so peaceful after leaving a place. It is the perfect place to loose yourself for a bit and show your support to a great initiative!


Jars of the sweet on offer.

If you know about any other places similar to this one please let us know and we will be happy to try to go and visit them!


4 responses to “[Places you should not miss] Reaching Out

  1. Beautiful photos! I thought the green tea coconut was noodles at first.I love tea houses, tea seems boring but it actually is really interesting to try even if you’re not a huge fan.

    • Thank you!
      I do love tea houses too, there is something so peaceful, so much about them too.

      And well… I can see how this coconut looks like noodles!

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