[Hoi An] First impression

Yesterday was our first day in Hoi An. After picking up the bike in Da Nang that was delayed due to the flooding we set off to Hoi An, 34km away.

A bit of hotel hunting brought us to a nice hotel where we finally put down our bag and we were finally ready to explore town but then… it started to rain. Again. So our first exploration ended up being at night.

Our first impression of Hoi An? What a lovely town, the charm of the lanterns makes it a lovely place to visit once it’s dark. Due to the flooding that was still a bit present most of the lights were not on but the charming atmosphere was there.

I am taking you, guys, on a walk with us through town.


Even hotels light up the streets


Shops add to the “Ancient” feeling, selling lovely lanterns


The flood are still in some streets, stopping business for numerous shops and restaurants




I had a real soft spot for those lanterns. The colours did add up well, the fact that it was an icecream shop maybe helped…


The shapes of the lantern change… geometric


… or flower shaped!


The river near by add to this romantic feeling coming from the Old Town.



Sorry I’m terrible but I can’t resist lanterns!




A last line of lanterns.

And here we are, the walk is other, I will admit I did mainly focus on the lanterns but I do love the beauty of those and it made me work hard on my manual settings to get their colours right.

This is the first time I attempt this type of post so if you did enjoy it I might take you guys on more walks with us!



2 responses to “[Hoi An] First impression

  1. The place looks truly magical at night! There is something peaceful and serene about Hue with the soft glow of the lanterns and the reflections in the water! Looking forward to reading more about adventures in Vietnam!

  2. magnifiques photos…cela valait la peine de lire le manuel….je sais ce qu’il me reste à faire avec le mien.

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