[Woman talks] The Bra of Evil

Right guys, if you are reading those lines and the title didn’t make it clear: we are going to talk about bras. Yes, bras, so please if you want to run away: now is the time. If you are still interested then, please, take a seat and let’s talk.

I don’t think bras or lingerie was something I considered “helpful” before I started working in the Lingerie Industry. And when I finally got fitted and started wearing the right size…Oh…My…Lord… How could have I been wrong for so long? Suddenly bras were awesome and became my best friends. Supported, my back didn’t hurt so bad anymore.

So when came the time of our big departure I had to make a choice and select a maximum of 4 bras to take with me. After 6 weeks on the road it cannot be clearer: 3 would have sufficed.

So ladies, if you are leaving on a big backpack trip, if you don’t know what to do with your bras and look at them with disgust then wait no more, follow my advise. You will need 3 types of bras to follow you around the world (and maybe a naughty one but that, hey, that’s between you, your lingerie and the one that will discover it.).

1. The Sport Bra.

Sport Bra Panache

The sport bra is probably the most important one if you are looking into trekking and extreme adventures. I have been canyoning with this bra and jumped from waterfalls without having my 2 friends escaping along the way.

Personnaly I’d go for the Panache Sport bra. Not just because I know Panache but because this product is exceptionnal. It lets your skin breathe, it looks big but does make you feel safe and is just amazing. I’ll go skydiving in this bra, wrestle an elephant (not sure about this one…), climb a mountain without feeling one second left down.

So you want to go for some crazy adventures? Buy a sport bra! You’ll thank me later!

2. The “Large” Bra

Tango from Panache

What do I mean by “Large” Bra? I mean a bra that is larger than your usual.

You are a certain back size? Take one back size bigger and half a cup down. Do it!

Why? I’ve got one word: sunburn. 

Yes, those terrible sunburns, horrible thing that tend to happen when you travel in very hot climate. When you get one on your torso you will pray for a bra that won’t hold you as tight as usual and this is when your larger bra will come to the rescue. Light, not too tight, he’ll let your skin breathe as much as needed. I’d recommend a non-padded bra.

3. A Padded Plunge Bra

Deco, from Freya

Why a padded plunge bra? Because you will wear a lot of light clothes ladies. And you don’t really want to be see-through… 100%? I mean… You know… Some country get rainy season and it starts raining…hard. And in the middle of the forest well, what will you do? It is not the only advantage of course, it will also give you a beautiful look and I tend to find them ultra confortable.

If you are not a “padded bra” lover, try maybe a Cami Top. I am not the biggest fan of those but they do come handy if you enjoy wearing them.

So that’s it ladies, with those 3 types of bras you should be able to finally enjoy your holiday, your travel without worrying of the pain you might feel while wearing them.

If you are a bigger cup lady I can also only advise you to get some wired swimwear. Brands like Freya and Panache do them very well and you do want to enjoy your swimming/sunbathing time don’t you?

I hope this has been helpful ladies. Please use the comments or the contact form if you have any questions!

Lingeriement yours,



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