First Month (Premier mois) : How much??


Well, time goes by very quickly doesn’t it?

It’s been already one month we have been out here and it is time for some numbers!

I won’t make you a long post about how great Vietnam has been, no, you’ve got enough of those, but a bit of budget seemed to be important to cover for anybody looking to come in Vietnam.

Now let us tell you: we haven’t lived cheap, we haven’t been looking too much at our expenses, didn’t leave on a tight budget since our budget is… 50$ a day for the both of us.

It would then bring us to a monthly 1.600$ (because we’ll just round up).

This month we have spend… well… a bit more, we spend a good 1.850$ so yes, we are other budget.

Again this is not a disaster and expenses like the cost of HCMC or buying the bike do explain why we are other the budget. I’m hoping the next month won’t cost us so much but I’ll keep track and will let you know the 14 of December!

Here is a little break-down of our expenses:

Cost of the bike: 450$

HCMC – Hotels: around 24$ / night (the first hotel was the expensive one where we stayed longer)

Bao Loc – Hotels: around 13$ / night

– Dalat – Hotels: around 12$/night + Canyoning – 28$ + guide half day and entrance fees – 18$

Nha Trang – Hotels: around 16$/night + Snorkelling –28$

We are adding a 25$ a day for food and other expenses in general for the both of us (clothes, products, drinks, fees, donations, etc…) as an approximate. Again we didn’t spend the same amount in each town and HCMC and Nha Trang were probably the most expensive.

Add also 30$ for petrol and repairs for the bike

And there, you have it, the detail of our expenses for our first month travelling!

So we are 219$ over budget but we did expect it because we had to buy the bike.

Again we could have spend much less than this, that’s true, but we did decide to not do this travel on a tight budget.

All I’m hoping is that a monthly breakdown of our expenses will be useful to you guys looking into those kind of things or being stressed by your future travel in Vietnam. So to conclude: don’t stress! Vietnam is not an expensive country !

So I will see you guys in December for another month update on our budget?

I hope this will be helpful! If you have any question you are always welcome to e-mail us or comment on this post, we’ll do our best to answer!

Marie-Carmen / The Orient Excess


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