Give Away – 200 fans / FB – Get a postcard


We got to 200 on our Facebook page so for the occasion we decided to do a little give away!

Ok boys and girls, here’s the game:

Bearing in mind that we are currently staying in a relatively upmarket beach resort, and prices are therefore substantially higher than those in other parts of Vietnam, you are invited to guess at the cost of:

A) Miss Marie-Carmen’s treat – A two hour, full body massage at a local spa.

B) Mr Bob’s treat – A mixed grill (beef fillet, chicken breast and pork chop, with chips) and 8 x 500ml bottles of Saigon beer.

Correct answer (or closest to) to question ‘A’ will earn you a postcard from Miss Marie-Carmen, and likewise, correct answer to question ‘B’ will earn you a significantly less sensible postcard courtesy of Mr Bob.

Answers in Dong please. FYI : £1 GBP = 34,000 Dong. 1 Euro = 28,500 Dong. $1 USD = 21,100 Dong.

Postcard will go to:

– The first one with the right answer
– The closest one by Friday, 8.00am GMT

Like our page on Facebook to have access to the give away,



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