Dalat – Last day – To Elephant Falls

What a lovely day today in Nha Trang. It’s been raining heavily and the entire day is suppose to look this way. To add to this “awesome” start of the day Robb & I have been quite sick and enjoying some shots of our good friend “Smecta”. I, therefore, have the time to share  with you some pictures!

Well, as you can see you’ve got a bit of everything. On our last day in Dalat we decided to say “yes” to one of those easy riders guide, one who spoke French and English. So I jumped on his bike, Robb got Desmond, our old bike, ready and here we went. Needless to say, the ride wasn’t smooth! Between bad roads and dust everywhere my face was covered and I looked like I’ve came back from some kind of military training. Our guide kept saying “You look like you’ve been to the war in Kosovo”. Hum, well, fortunately I didn’t and wiped the dust fairly quick from my face.

So there you have it, pictures of our trip. In any order (because I’m getting old and loosing memory): there’s the Dragon Pagoda (easy to recognise, the one with  the big dragons), some strawberry picking, some landscape, some coffee plants, some weasels (of which I didn’t like much the way they were kept), some “Vietnamese viagra” (the snake in the rice wine, yep), a silk factory, a pagoda near the Elephant falls but … no pictures of the Elephant falls. Sorry about that but this way down to the falls looked like the path to the mines of Moria in LOTR so I wasn’t ready to put my “precious” at risk.

Hope you enjoy the pictures guys!



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